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Examples of Virginia Canopy's Environmentally Friendly Efforts       

Virginia Canopy Tours™contracted Bonsai Designs, Inc. to construct the zip line course. Bonsai Designs, Inc. constructs courses using the least invasive manner possible, utilizing natural resources of the site, and using minimal equipment to avoid ground disturbance 
Virginia Canopy Tours™ is devoted to minimizing as much waste as possible. We utilize recycling bins, recycle ink cartridges and cardboard waste, and reuse waste paper.  
Virginia Canopy Tours™ uses waterless urinals and dual flush toilets to conserve water 
Virginia Canopy Tours™ contracted with Sid Grant to professionally design hiking trails and access roads to minimize impact on the land 
Virginia Canopy Tours™ educates its staff on conservation practices and trains them to teach others about the local area’s history and native flora and fauna.
Virginia Canopy Tours™ provides speakers and representatives to conferences to promote eco-friendly behaviors