Is the Canopy Tour safe?

While there are inherent risks involved with zip lining, we take safety very seriously at Virginia Canopy Tours and our guests’ experience is our number one priority. Our course is built to meet or exceed industry standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and the course and all equipment is inspected prior to use every day. All of our guides go through an intense 60-hour training which consists of written exams and technical skills evaluations before leading guests on course. Any time a guest is off the ground, they will be double clipped into at least one steel cable. Our course is constructed with two independent zip cables.

Before any guest starts the Canopy Tour, they attend Ground School. Here we teach guests to brake and steer themselves, correct body positioning, how to pay attention to guides’ signals, and how to traverse the cable in case they stop short of a platform. All guests are accompanied by two guides who have received training and certification in accordance with Association for Challenge Course Technology standards.