Canopy Tours

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Canopy Tour in Virginia

Allow approximately three hours for our canopy tour, which consists of:

  • Ground School
  • UTV Trail Ride
  • 8 Zip Lines
  • 1 Sky Bridge
  • 1 Air Stair Bridge
  • 2 Nature Walks
  • A Rappel

Participants will soar through the Shenandoah hardwood forest at speeds which can exceed 40 miles per hour and at heights reaching 90 feet above the forest floor - all while attached to two steel cables.  The canopy tour finale is an adrenaline pumping 1,035’ zip down the face of the ridge to our rappel.

During the canopy tour, participants will enjoy stunning views of the Massanutten Mountains and the gorgeous hardwood forest of the Shenandoah Valley.  Guests will learn the rich history of the Shenandoah Valley, native plant species, and the wild inhabitants who make the woods their home.

All participants receive individual safety and braking training and are accompanied by two certified eco-trained guides.  Participants are attached to our cables by lanyards whenever above the forest floor.  All safety equipment is handled by our guides 100% of the time. Virginia Canopy Tours™ reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation.